Life is seldom what it looks like on the outside 
Enter... Lily Brown, beautiful and elegant, this church lady seems to have it all...
         you know ...Money, a Man and Power. 
                                                      But she also has something else you wouldn't believe... 
                                                                             you see....
   Ms. Lily is a Madame.... 
Yeah, that's right...
         ..runs her business as smooth as a Coltrane groove. 
2013 Performances Coming Soon 
Ms. Lily's Groove is the journey of a broken woman and her quest for revenge. In a small town in Georgia, Lily has successfully lived her double life for years. Her husband, BoDee, thinks that she is just hurting from a bitter tragedy long ago; he is determined, with God's help, to love her back to life. Lily's church members think she is the closest thing to a saint they know. Madame Lily has pulled the wool over everybody's eyes! 
        Until.... Ginga.
        From out of nowhere, the young Ginga Faye Jenkins enters her life. And like gazing through a looking glass, Ginga mirrors Lily's beauty, her past and her pain. True to form, Lily deals with her the only way she knows how and leads this tale into a most interesting turn of events. 
Laced with jazz and poetic spoken word, this drama is sure to make you laugh and even cry, but most importantly, it will make you think.            
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